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Financial Football Training Camp 

Treasurer Kicks Off "Financial Football" Initiative

Financial Football Training Camp is a high-school level educational game that provides a great way for students to test their knowledge of personal finance in a simulated football game environment.

The game combines the structure and rules of the National Football League with financial education questions of varying difficulty. To score points, a player needs to answer money-related questions correctly.

Student interest in the game should be at its peak throughout the college bowl and NFL playoff seasons leading up to the Super Bowl in early February. The game has both online and CD-ROM based versions, making it usable in a wide range of settings. 

Identifying high-quality free resources is one of the financial education services provided by the WV State Treasurer's Office. After testing the game in several high school classrooms during October-November, the State Treasurer's Office introduced the game statewide in December.

The Financial Football Training Camp lesson is composed of four modules, each designed to teach in a 45-minute class, covering skills and information that will be vital to students’ futures.
  • Module 1: The Fundamentals of Investment
  • Module 2: Strength Training – Savings and Interest
  • Module 3: Defensive Spending – Tackling Credit & Debit Cards
  • Module 4: The Game Plan – The Art of Budgeting
Topics covered in the game have been matched to West Virginia content standards and objectives for social studies, math and vocational education.

The game was produced by Visa USA and jointly promoted by the NFL and NFL Players. Financial Football Training Camp is part of Visa's campaign to promote financial literacy in schools across the country through its "Practical Money Skills For Life" curriculum.

Financial Football CD Image

Get the Game

Go to Web Site 
  Find Teacher Instructions; 
  request a free CD-ROM;
  and play the game at 
  Visa's "Practical Money
  Skills for Life" web site.

Play Online Now 
  Direct link to start
  playing the game

  View the WV CSOs
  WV content standards and
  objectives listed for the
  Financial Football game.

  Request Assistance
  A WVSTO financial
  education specialist can
  provide ideas and tips for
  integrating this activity
  into your classroom and
  for utilizing additional
  free resources.