Claim Information 

Claim Information

For names appearing in the search
If your name appears in the search for property database, please provide evidence of proof along with a completed Claim Form.
What should I keep?

Claim form with instructions

The form can only be opened with version 4 or higher of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

In the case of property that cannot be converted to cash, such as jewelry and collectibles, arrangements will be made to safely deliver the property.

W-9 Form - Needed on all security related properties or interest bearing accounts.

Estate Claim Declaration - For estate claims with no current administrator.

Supplemental Affidavit of Previous Address - Use for no proof available of previous address.

Names not appearing in the search
If your name is not listed, download and send us the Request for Search form. We will search our database for you free of charge. Some accounts go back many years, please be sure to give us as much information as possible to assist us in a thorough search.

Request for search form