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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions 

What services can you offer?

The Treasurer’s Office can process lockbox payments and online credit card clearing. We can also debit a user's checking account when they enter their bank information online or set up a repetitive debit. We have contracts that allow state agencies to set up point-of-sale terminals and process tax payments online using a convenience fee, and we also offer investment options.

Why are you offering these services?

We know that many government offices are working with a minimum number of people to process a great deal of paper. The faster the funds get deposited, the more interest can be earned on the deposit, the less likely a check will be insufficient, and the faster the funds will be available to be spent. This benefits everyone.

Is your system reliable?

Our online processing system operates 24/7. Upgrades, maintenance and system changes are performed at the times of least activity, and we will notify you in advance.

Is your system secure?

We are very proud of our security. We use secure sites, encryption, firewalls, logons and passwords. We do not keep any credit card or personal identification information in our system. The Treasurer’s Office met the very demanding Payment Card Institute (PCI) standards in 2005.

How do I see my information?

For our online activity, we give your agency access to software that allows you to look at any activity you are authorized to see. You can generate reports, do refunds, void a transaction, and do research. You can see the activity as it happens.

How does this help my office?

It’s been our experience that workers who used to be overwhelmed with baskets of mail are able to concentrate on customer service and solving problems. Some agencies no longer need to hire temporary workers to open mail. Funds are deposited and posted to your account the day they are received.

How do I get more information?

Please feel free to send us an email at or call our Check Hotline at 304-558-3599 and ask to speak to someone in E-Government.  We'll be happy to speak with you and see if our services could help your government agency.