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Information for State Agencies

The Treasurer has worked hard to develop products and services that will allow State agencies to work more efficiently. The e-Gov program allows agencies to spend more time and money on their own services and less on operations. It creates value for agencies and exceeds customer expectations. Electronic processes are invaluable in streamlining the communication between citizens and government agencies.

This program provides a method for increasing the speed of revenue earnings for individual agencies. The faster the funds get deposited, the more interest can be earned, the less likely a check will be insufficient, and the faster the funds will be available for your agency to spend. People can make their payments 24/7 over the internet. Your agency receives the revenue each morning for all the activity that occurred the day before. No more mail lags. No more tubs of mail waiting to be opened.

We know many government offices are working with a minimum number of individuals to process a large volume of paper. Agencies that use the Treasurer's system to collect their payments are able to free their office staff to focus on customer service and solving problems.

If you believe your state agency could benefit from our payment services, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to meet and discuss all the possibilities. Just listen to some of the testimonials and you'll see how much we can help. We can help you get started.