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State Treasurer Riley Moore today condemned apparent attempts by the Biden administration and Climate Envoy John Kerry to pressure banks against lending to coal and natural gas companies, and said his administration will stand firm to protect West Virginia energy jobs and companies’ access to capital.

“We don’t need Learjet liberals like John Kerry bullying banks to cut off paychecks for our hard-working coal miners and natural gas workers,” Treasurer Moore said. “This is the kind of heavy-handed central planning you’d expect in Communist China, not the freest country in the world.”

According to media reports, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry has been privately pressuring banks to cut off lending for fossil fuel industries and instead divert the capital to alternative energy firms. U.S. Senate Republicans this week sent a letter to the administration opposing the effort.

“President Biden and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez know they can’t get their Green New Deal through Congress, so now they’ve started trying to bully business leaders into implementing their radical agenda,” Treasurer Moore said.

“Free-market capitalism and reliable energy – fueled by West Virginia coal and natural gas – have helped make the America the greatest economic engine in the world, and I will not stand by and let woke corporate elites runs roughshod over our coal and natural gas industries.”

President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will participate in a White House climate summit this afternoon, where the President could announce executive orders regarding corporate investment policies.

“My message to West Virginia’s coal miners and natural gas workers is clear: I will fight to protect your jobs and financial freedom,” Treasurer Moore said.

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